Your Guide to Impact Windows

Impact windows are designed to protect homes from hurricane winds and damage on each home. Each window that is replaced in the home will be between $900-$1300 at the lowest level. Based on the size of the window and the amount of upgrades that the homeowner wants, according to the video from the company, showcasing the difference window grades.
There is the option for tempered glass to be used so that if it is damaged for mid-level windows. They can manage stronger pressure points and the price of these windows ranges from $1300 to $1800 per widow.

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The premium windows cost range between $1800 and $2400, and these are the strongest of the window options from an impact window company. They keep that tempered glass but are also reinforced with kevlar, triple weather stripping, and foam fills to withstand the highest points of pressure and winds.
Each homeowner has the option to determine what type of protection they need and purchase windows from the group that is the most accommodating. These windows can also be customized. These price points make it a big investment in a home, but the amount of protection that it can provide throughout the years from storm damage makes it a solid investment for those who are building and living in areas where these storms are prevalent.

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