The Supplies You Need for Installing a Metal Roof

If you’re new to metal roofing services or are on a DIY project, you need the right supplies for installing a metal roof. Some of the tools you need include a framing square, a mallet, a hammer, fasteners, metal cutting blades, a tape measure, a utility knife, and so much more, as described in the video. You also need to wear protective clothing, such as heavy canvas gloves and knee pads.

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You will be going up and down the ladder multiple times, plus you will be handling metal panels with sharp edges. You can easily forget about personal protection gear, yet you are exposed to multiple metal roofing service hazards. Chalk boxes record accurate measurements, especially when cutting metal panels. The red chalk is usually permanent, and should only be used on the underlying panels. Blue chalk easily washes off, so you can use this on the finished metal panels.

You may need multiple tape measures (25-foot and 100-foot tape measures) if you’re dealing with a large roof. Tin snips will be handy for cutting metal sheets. You should consider the gauge of the metal panels when choosing the tin snips. If possible, get the straight-cut, left-cut, and right-cut tin snips because you may need them all.

Cordless drill drivers are necessary for metal roof installation. Metal roofing services prefer them because there is little chance they will damage the roof panels. They are also easier to handle than impact drivers. A circular saw will be handy for cutting through roofs with curves or valleys. Don’t forget to get the right fasteners, depending on the type of seams you’ll use.


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