9 Roofing Services Your Chicago Home May Need

Besides protecting your family from the elements, did you know your roof contributes significantly to your curb appeal? So, it makes proper sense to take care of it, right? To do this, you must understand all the Chicagoland roofing services your home needs. This article discusses all the services necessary to keep it at peak condition. Keep reading for more vital Chicagoland roofing services information. Let’s start!

1. Repair

There are three major types of roof repair services: emergency, preventative and corrective. Competent roofing contractors must be able to offer all three services. Your roof protects you from a wide array of threats. However, in extreme cases, some threats may damage your roof.

For instance, sudden heavy rains, accumulated snow, and severe hurricane conditions can easily lead to leakage, necessitating emergency Chicagoland roofing response. Although some roofing materials are designed to offer fire resistance, intense fire can quickly consume your roof, requiring immediate repair response. Tree, wind, or storm damages are emergencies that need immediate response.

Everything, including your Chicago home roof, is susceptible to wear and tear. No matter how well your roof is done, it’s guaranteed that it will eventually suffer damages due to factors such as extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear. However, to prevent such damages from upgrading to emergency cases, you must opt for regular Chicagoland roofing maintenance services to patch up damages quickly.

When your roof’s integrity is compromised due to age, flying debris, or harsh weather, you must correct the damage immediately to avoid severe long-term damage. According to Forbes, a roof typically at least serves you beyond the 15-year mark. You must invest in corrective roofing services to increase the chances for your roof to serve you longer.

2. Cleaning

When did you last clean your roof? Well, if you’re like most homeowners, cleaning your roof probably never crosses your mind. However, it’s an essential roof care service necessary to maintain your roof’s new-like appearance. Let’s investigate why you must call your local roof washing company for your Chicagoland roofing cleaning services.

Your roof is probably visitors’ first notice while on your driveway. Hence, it contributes significantly to your home’s overall curb aesthetics. Your curb appeal makes your Chicago home stand out in your neighborhood. In fact, according to Forbes, 54% of homeowners admitted that the street’s curb appeal influenced their decision to buy their home. So, to enhance your curb appeal, consider roof cleaning services to remove dirt that may have piled over time, giving it a brand new-like appearance.

Twigs, leaves, and dirt on your roof may get in the way of water and airflow. This pile-up will significantly affect the ventilation and insulation of your attic. Problems with your attic temperature will overwork your HVAC system, decreasing energy efficiency. Cleaning your roof means will save you money by paying less on energy heating bills and prolonging your HVAC’s lifespan. Also, cleaning services will increase the lifespan of your roof. For cheaper cleaning services, it will help to search online with the keyword’ roofers in my area‘ for a more pocket-friendly service.

3. Inspection

Any roof damage will allow quick moisture build-up in your Chicago home, damaging wall linings, wallpapers, curtains, and paint. Moreover, the dampness encourages the building up of mold and fungi, which can easily cause respiratory diseases in your home. However, a residential roofing inspection will help detect such defects quickly. As a result, you’ll protect your assets from unnecessary roof damage and your family from respiratory diseases.

An inspection will save you a significant amount of money. Most times, it’s impossible to detect minor roof damage. Over time, the little damage may become substantial, costing you lots of money to fix. For example, supposing your metal roof has significant damage, you must seek metal roof contracting to repair your roof. Although the services may be slightly pricey, they’ll do the job professionally. However, a roofing inspection can help detect minor roofing damages early, saving you a lot of money by repairing minor cracks instead of significant ones.

If you’re expecting severe weather soon, you may worry if your roof is strong enough to withstand extreme weather, such as heavy precipitation and strong winds. A roofing inspection helps clear any doubt and gives you peace of mind. Also, it’s normal to worry about your roof after severe weather. Therefore, you must also get an inspection to ensure your roof is still in good condition after heavy snow, strong winds, or hurricanes.

4. Replacement

The lifespan of your roof depends on your Chicagoland roofing material. For example, US News states that tile, copper, and slate roofs can last over 50 years. Wood shake roofs will serve over 30 years, while fiber cement shingles will take you to 25 years. Therefore, if you suspect your roof is near the end of its service life, contact a roofing contractor for all your replacement needs. Also, working with a professional will guide you in purchasing durable roofing products.

Did you know that the age of your roof is a significant factor in your home insurance coverage? Most insurance companies will provide limited or zero coverage on roofs aged 20 years and above. Hence, if your roof is almost 20 years old, it’s about time you consider replacing it.

Most homeowners will contact the insurers to know what will be covered regarding roof replacements. However, you must understand that most insurance policies won’t cover a deteriorating roof due to wear and tear. However, it would be best to visit the insurer to get more information regarding your roof coverage from your insurance company.

A new roof will get you a new warranty. Most of such warranties cover common problems, such as unexpected shingle defects. The warranties will give you additional roofing protection and peace of mind.

5. Maintenance

Your Chicagoland roofing needs regular maintenance roofing service to maintain its integrity. When you fail to keep up with maintenance, you’ll spend more on unnecessary repair costs or roof replacement. Roof maintenance generally consists of services such as debris removal, mold removal, gutter cleaning, general roof repair, and roof inspection. You’ll require specialized equipment for some of the jobs. For this reason, hiring a roofing contractor to help you with the job makes sense.

If you’re afraid of heights, never attempt to DIY roofing solutions to avoid accidents. It’s sad to admit that according to the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health, nearly 50 roofers die annually on the job, primarily by falls.

If you have a tool that gets you to the roof safely, removing debris on your roof will be easy. Debris pile up on your roof as a result of wind and rain. If you fail to remove it from your roof quickly, it may result in expensive roof damage. When you spot mold infestation, remove it fast before it spreads to other areas of your Chicago home. Also, ensure your gutters are clean, and water flows undisturbed when raining. Additionally, invest in regular roof inspections, and when you notice minor damage, hire a professional to repair it immediately.

6. Roof Waterproofing

Chicago receives moderate precipitation annually. For this reason, you must include waterproofing in your Chicagoland roofing list. Waterproofing is arguably the most critical step in the roof installation process. Avoiding leaks is a pro tip for protecting your assets and the materials used to build your home.

Waterproofing involves adding an extra layer to prevent water from seeping through the roof. Roofers will typically add a roof coating system outside your Chicago roof. While the waterproof material protects your home from water leakages, it also helps to increase the lifespan of your roof.

It’s known that interior temperature fluctuations can easily warp and damage your roof. Hence, a roofer must prioritize attic insulation to protect it during waterproofing. Additionally, attic insulation will prevent condensation or trapped moisture from damaging your roof’s and attic’s supporting structure.

A damaged shingle is enough to welcome moisture into your home. Also, a missing shingle will allow water to seep through your ceiling. So, replacing all damaged shingles to avoid mold development in your home would be best.

7. Skylight Installation

Do any dark areas in your Chicago home need lighting? If so, consider adding skylights to your Chicagoland roofing. Probably, your windows aren’t bringing in ample light to brighten your home. To solve the problem, you must add skylights to add natural light to your home. Also, the system will fix the problem of uneven lighting in your home, meaning you’ll use your home’s lighting less, saving you a few bucks. Additionally, you can place skylights anywhere in your home, giving natural lighting to specific areas of your preference.

Most skylights come with ventilation options. As a result, they’ll help circulate fresh air within your house. Therefore, your home will be free of mold and dampness. Also, your HVAC will stop overworking, meaning you’ll save a few bucks on your energy heating bills. You can install a manual or an automatic skylight depending on your Chicago home needs.

8. Roof Ventilation

Let’s agree that condensation is one of the essential aspects of roof ventilation, which leads to rot and mold. Your Chicago home remits more moisture than you can imagine. Showers, bathing, laundry, cooking, and more will produce warm, damp air in your home. The moisture will gravitate up to your ceiling without a vapor barrier, ending up in your attic. When warm air comes into contact with the cool underside of your roof, it condenses automatically. The condensation process promotes the biological growth of mildew and mold, which causes diseases. However, a properly ventilated keeps the attic spaces dry, preventing condensation.

Roof ventilation enhances energy efficiency. Primarily, as temperatures outside start rising, your inside temperature rises, too. Without ample ventilation, the heat will probably be trapped in your Chicago home attic, forcing your HVAC system to work even harder, skyrocketing your cooling costs and vice versa. Proper ventilation ensures you’ll spend less on cooling and heating costs.

During the snowy winters in Chicago, having ample ventilation will minimize any risk of experiencing havoc causing ice dams. Typically, ice dams form when warm air reaches your roof deck, melting the snow on the roof. When this melted snow runs down on your roof, it refreezes over the overhangs of your home, forming ice dams. Efficient ventilation helps to avoid this process by keeping your attic’s temperature similar to the one outside, which prevents the snow from melting.

9. Installation of Gutters on Your Roof

Gutters are critical for a proper water management system in your home. In fact, without them, water damage will become a prevalent problem on your roof and your home’s interior and exterior. Depending on your preferences, you may either install seamless or sectional gutters.

Sectional gutters are a little bit pricier. For this reason, you may decide to install them because they are easy to install and don’t necessarily require high experience. You can easily install them in sections with a visible seam between every gutter piece. Contrarily, the seamless gutter is installed in a continuous system from one solid material piece. Therefore, a professional will use specialized equipment to seamlessly unroll gutter materials along the edge of your Chicago home. Although you will spend more on seamless gutters, the functionality of your investment is worth every coin.

Rain gutters don’t only protect your Chicagoland roofing. They also play a significant role in protecting your home’s foundation. They work to drain water away from your home, where it will cause no harm. When water accumulates along the foundation of your home, it weakens it. A weak foundation means your home can sink or collapse anytime. The gutters will also protect your walls from rainwater stains, which may fall freely from your roof after a downpour.

Your Chicagoland roofing deserves proper care to protect you. For this reason, you must keep a list of the roofing services necessary to keep your roof in great shape. Also, never skip your roof’s maintenance schedule and invest in regular inspections. To learn more about how to take care of your Chicago home, visit our websites for helpful hacks and tips.

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