10 Services the Best Chicagoland Roofing Companies Offer

Chicagoland roofing

Roofers provide essential services that help keep homes intact. Their services are even more valuable in regions such as Chicagoland that get fairly consistent precipitation throughout the year. So, what services should you expect to see from the best Chicagoland roofing companies? That’s the question we’ll be answering throughout this article. Use the information in this article to make your search for the area’s top roofers significantly easier.

1. Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are key elements of any roofer’s service offerings. No matter how old your roof is or the concerning issues manifesting inside your home, you need roofers to check on that part of your home regularly. One annual roof inspection is generally recommended for homeowners throughout the United States, but you should strongly consider getting them more often as a Chicagoland resident. Two inspections per year would be better for your home so you can more accurately track the effects of regular precipitation on your roof.

A typical roof inspection often takes a lot of time because the professionals evaluate several aspects of your roof. If this is the first time you’re getting an inspection since your roof was replaced, the roofers will check out the quality of the installation. This is an important evaluation because they can spot issues with the installation that your warranty may still remedy. The inspectors can give you the opportunity to address a problem before it becomes a financial liability.

Roofers will also check out the condition of your roofing materials during the inspection. They will look closely at your roof tiles to see if they are cracked or chipped. They will also check for moss growth on your roof tiles because those plants can become potentially damaging moisture traps.

Some signs of roof damage may not necessarily appear on the outside of your home. Those warning signs may only be visible along certain parts of your ceiling or interior walls. Expect the top Chicagoland roofing companies to spot those signs if they are indeed present.

2. Asphalt Roof Installations

Asphalt roofs have become increasingly common over the years for various reasons. Homeowners like them because they’re affordable. Unless you’re getting an asphalt roof composed of luxury asphalt shingles, the total cost of that new installation should be fairly reasonable.

Despite how inexpensive most asphalt shingles are, they still feature remarkable durability. According to Angi, roofs made from asphalt shingles can last for as long as 50 years. They are great value investments for any homeowner.

Versatility is another selling point for asphalt roofers. Go to a local roofer seeking a specific style for your asphalt shingles, and they should be able to produce what you’re looking for. They can also present you with numerous color options so you can match your existing d├ęcor without much trouble.

There are also drawbacks to using asphalt shingles, such as their relative lack of weight and vulnerability to the elements. Strong winds are capable of dislodging asphalt shingles if they are improperly installed. Work only with the top Chicagoland roofing businesses to ensure your asphalt roof will last for a long time. Lean on their expertise to prevent the common issues that plague asphalt roofs.

Chicagoland roofing

3. Metal Roof Installations

In terms of durability, it’s tough to beat metal roofs. According to Bob Vila, metal roofs have an expected lifespan of 70 years. Even on the low end of the lifespan spectrum, metal roofs are still projected to last for several decades.

Longevity alone is already a major selling point, but there’s still more to love about them. For example, metal roofs are great for regulating temperature because they reflect the sun’s rays. They also won’t catch on fire even if there are burning trees nearby. Although the appearance of a metal roof is not for everyone, they can work on your home if you’re featuring a modern design scheme.

A new metal roof can be an asset for any home, but you cannot entrust their installation to any roofing contractor. Metal roof installations should only be assigned to the best Chicagoland roofing companies. Because metal roofs are usually installed as panels and rely on fasteners, correctly setting them in place can be challenging. You cannot afford to have inexperienced professionals handle that installation because your metal roof may suffer from premature rusting as a result.

4. Flat Roof Installations

You don’t see many buildings that are topped with flat roofs. That’s a shame because flat roof installations provide some valuable benefits. Chief among those benefits is their low price tag. Flat roof installation normally costs less because it requires fewer materials. These roofs can also be installed faster, which could be a huge plus if you’re trying to meet a deadline.

Flat roofs also give property owners extra space. With a flat roof, you can use the space on top of your property to house your HVAC system, solar panels, or a garden. Restaurateurs can even turn that area into additional dining space.

The main issue with having a flat roof is drainage. You have to integrate specific features into your flat roof to prevent rain and snow from pooling up there. Regular maintenance is also required to ensure water isn’t stuck on your flat roof.

Thankfully, the issues caused by flat roofs can be mitigated by good design and expert installation. Hire the best Chicagoland roofing companies and let them add features that will protect your flat roof. Lean on their expertise to get the most out of your newest home addition.

5. New Construction Roofing

Not all roof installation projects are the same. To be more specific, there’s a big difference between getting your current roof replaced and paying for new construction roofing. Both projects lead to a new roof, but the processes involved are decidedly different.

In a roof replacement project, the roofers can examine what you currently have to come up with a suitable substitute. There’s less planning involved because they have an existing roof to work with. The contractors may not even have to remove the existing roof before laying down new tiles.

New construction roofing is a more complicated undertaking because the roofers have to start from scratch. The contractors have to come up with a design that makes sense for a home that is still in the process of being built. Experience is critical to the success of new construction roofing. That’s why you must only entrust that job to the best Chicagoland roofing contractors.

6. Ice Dam Prevention

Winters can be harsh in Chicagoland. When the cold air combines with precipitation and uneven roof temperatures, you could end up with an ice dam. Ice dams are troublesome because they can prevent water drainage. Instead of the water draining off the side of your roof, it could seep into the tiles and cause damage to the underlying structures.

Some ice dams are easy to spot because they may produce icicles hanging from the side of your roof. Unfortunately, we cannot say that about all ice dams. If an ice dam forms near one of your skylights, it may stay there for a while. You may not notice the ice dam near your skylight until it starts actively causing issues.

One of the best ways to deal with ice dams is to prevent them from causing damage. The top Chicagoland roofing companies can help with that. Roofing contractors can install ice and water shields to prevent moisture from entering your home. The routine maintenance conducted by roofers can also stop ice dams from causing damage.

Chicagoland roofing

7. Attic Air Sealing

Running an HVAC system costs most homeowners hundreds of dollars annually. Regularly using an HVAC system already costs a lot of money when operating in optimal conditions. In a poorly sealed home, you may pay more for your HVAC system without enjoying the same consistent comfort.

A big part of the reason why your HVAC system isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be may be related to your attic. There may be openings in your attic that are allowing conditioned air to seep out. Furthermore, those openings may also allow excessive heat transfer by allowing outside air to enter your home. Roofing specialists can address that problem by performing attic air sealing.

As the name of the procedure implies, attic air sealing involves closing all the gaps and openings in your attic to prevent excessive heat transfer. The procedure is easier said than done because roofers must first locate all the gaps and openings. Some of those leaks can be very difficult to find or located in nearly inaccessible spots. You must hire only the top Chicagoland roofing contractors to identify and seal all the leaks in your attic.

8. Storm Damage Repairs

A powerful storm can be damaging in so many ways. First off, you have to worry about the damage that strong winds could have on your roof. The forceful gusts of wind can dislodge your roof tiles and send them flying in different directions. You may end up on the hook for your neighbor’s repair expenses if your roof tiles strike and damage their home.

Storms can also send tree branches flying toward your roof. Those tree branches could pierce some of your tiles and create openings. You have to pay for roof repairs quickly, or those issues will only worsen.

Don’t forget about the damage that excessive rainfall is capable of causing. The rainwater could pool on top of your roof and eventually leak into your home. Homes with flat roofs are especially susceptible to that issue.

Hire Chicagoland roofing experts and ask them to inspect your home following a storm. Let them check for damage and ask them to administer necessary repairs. You can also ask the roofers to install any features that can prevent heavy storm damage to your roof.

9. Heating Cable Installation

Earlier in this article, we discussed the issues ice dams can cause when they form on your roof. We also noted that ice and water shields can minimize the damage they cause. However, there are other ways to address the threats of ice dams effectively. For instance, you can stop them from forming with the help of heating cables.

Heating cables are specifically designed to minimize the occurrence of ice dams. They are installed along the eaves of your home or inside your gutters so they can radiate heat, melt nearby ice, and promote faster water drainage. Thanks to the heating cables, you won’t have to worry about ice dams potentially causing long-term damage.

Handling heating cables yourself is not recommended because of where they must be installed. Accidents may occur while you are trying to set the heating cables in the right spots. Leave the installation to local roofing services to ensure it is handled properly.

10. Hail Damage Repair

It should come as no surprise that hailstorms are capable of causing some of the most severe forms of roof damage. Those frozen chunks of rainwater can pelt your roof, leaving it covered in bruises. If the hailstones repeatedly hit the same spots, they may also cause cracked roof tiles. Even if the hailstones don’t inflict enough damage to create openings along your roof, they can still weaken it and make it more susceptible to the elements.

All roof types are vulnerable to hail damage. The hailstones can chip the stone tiles and compromise their structural integrity. They are also hard enough to dent metal roofs.

You have to prioritize roof repair in the wake of a hailstorm in your area. Reach out to Chicagoland roofing experts and ask them to stop by your property as soon as possible for an inspection. Requesting a professional inspection is a must because not all forms of hail damage are easily visible. The experts should also be present so they can administer immediate repairs.

Keeping your roof in good condition requires regular maintenance and occasionally urgent repairs. Of course, you don’t have to handle the maintenance and repair work. You can leave them up to the best Chicagoland roofing companies, and rest assured that they will be handled correctly. Contact us today if you need roofing experts in Chicagoland, and let us take care of the issues plaguing your household!

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